alexa Soneva Fushi Becomes World's First Resort To Host 3D Astronomy

Soneva Fushi Becomes World's First Resort To Host 3D Astronomy

Soneva Fushi becomes world's first resort to introduce 3D astronomy to resort tourism. Using the latest 3D technology with a brand new Meade telescope, the resident astronomers of Soneva Fushi will now be able to show the guests the vast differences in the distances between stars and other galactic objects. This would enable guests to gain a new appreciation and experience of outer space first hand.

Mike Dalley, CEO of Inspiring Skies, the company in-charge of installing the new telescope and 3D technology at Soneva emphasises: "This new technology will help revolutionise how we offer astronomy experiences to guests, as it gives depth of field to what people see while looking through the telescope. It means that, for example, while looking at an open cluster, some stars will appear closer while others further away." The inventor of the Lederman Optical Array (LOA) 3D technology, Russ Lederman also indicates that LOA 3D tech will allow live 3D astronomy views for the first time in history and additionally, Soneva would be the only resort to have this revolutionary technology.

Through the New Year, Soneva Fushi hosted the award-winning astronomer, Professor Massimo Tarenghi who shared his extensive knowledge of the universe with the guests. The Italian astronomer is well known for building and directing the world's most powerful optical telescope named Very Large Telescope (VLT).
According to Soneva, they will welcome a number of influential and well-known astronomers to its Observatories to share their insight and experiences of the night skies throughout 2018. Similarly in 2015, Soneva hosted Buzz Aldrin who gave a lecture to the guests about his moon landing. Today, astronomy is a flourishing part of the tourism and hospitality sector with many resorts, hotels and restaurants offering astro related experiences all throughout the world.

Already having opened and operating two observatories one in Soneva Fushi and the other in Soneva Jani, Soneva is leading the way for astronomy tourism in the Maldives. Soneva also happens to house the biggest telescopes currently installed in the Maldives, according to the operator. 

Soneva's Thailand Resort, Soneva Kiri also is home to a large observatory. A number of astronomy related experiences are already offered to guests at the Soneva resorts, such as an Astronomical Dinner Cruise, Sunrise Astronomical breakfast, and stargazing with the resort's on-site astronomer. Under the expertise and guidance of Mike Dallet and the installation of the new 3D technology, Soneva is well on its way to be the world leader in astronomy tourism, according to a statement by Soneva.

Inspiring Skies is an astronomy consulting company based out of Australia that helps companies around the world in setting up and operating astronomy tourism. With their innovative and futuristic thinking, advanced technology, knowledge and experience, Inspiring Skies remains the world's leading astronomy consultant for tourist destinations. For more information about Soneva and its offers, please visit