alexa SATA Awards Evaluation Commenced In Maldives

SATA Awards Evaluation Commenced In Maldives

South Asian Association Travel Awards (SATA) evaluation to be held this Thursday in Maldives. In a Statement released by the event organizer Highrise Maldives Sales and Marketing Manager, Ms. Maisha Sujau has said that the evaluation process will be held on 16th of August at Champa Central Hotel. Subsequently, the judging process of the participating countries held the same day.

Followed by the Evaluation of nominees from Maldives the evaluation committee will be visiting Colombo, Sri Lanka to evaluate nominees from Sri Lanka on 19thto 22nd August. Nominations from South India and North India will be evaluated in Bengaluru and New Delhi from 23rd to 29th August respectively.

Moreover, from 29th August onwards to the end of August the nomination team will be traveling to Nepal and Bhutan to evaluate the nominees from the two countries. The evaluation team will conclude their evaluation process before September.

SATA Online voting is currently open, which will end on 31st August 23:59Hr. With 450 nominees, including the nomination of top brand from 5 countries from all across South Asia, will compete for the prestigious travel award of the year. This year’s SATA award will be presented in 34 major categories in 10 different segments. The award ceremony is to be held in Addu city, situated in the southern most atoll in Maldives, in October

The inaugural SATA award ceremony was held in Sri Lanka in 2016. The ceremony which was held in the celebrated Mount Levinia Hotel, Sri Lanka marked the launch of the very first regional travel award focusing on the travel industry of South Asia. Maldives made the outstanding achievement of earning 18 awards from various categories.

The event organized by Highrise is the first of its kind with affiliations from regional associations, with high profile representatives with vast knowledge and background of the industry from different destinations.

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