alexa Patrice Aira Appointed as the New Resident Manager of Lily Beach Resort and Spa Maldives

Patrice Aira Appointed as the New Resident Manager of Lily Beach Resort and Spa Maldives

Lily Beach Resort & Spa has announced the exciting arrival of the new team member and recently appointed Resident Manager, Patrice Aira. The frenchman from Toulouse, La Villa Rose, also known as 'The Pink City', had a sit down to talk about his initial thoughts on Lily Beach and his experience so far which was shared in the official resort's website. 

Patrice describes Maldives as the 'epitome of paradise'. In response to the question why he chose to visit the Maldives, he expressed that he wanted to personally experience the hospitality industry of such a beautiful destination. He also mentioned that the close proximity to Sri Lanka and India made him curious about the blend of diverse cultures. 

Since joining the Lily Beach Resort team on March 2017, Patrice Aira shared some of the reasons why Lily Beach is such a fascinating and unique resort. "What struck me most in my first days here is the incredible friendliness of the team towards guests and each other. They really care about them, in a genuine and unpretentious way. Everyone is loyal and focused on providing personalised service from the bottom of their heart. I’ve never seen anything like that before."

When asked to share his first impression of the resort he said, "When I arrived at the resort, I was amazed by the shades of blue that were surrounding the island. Also, the friendly faces that you see right upon the arrival, it’s a truly welcoming feeling."

Patrice Aira started out in the hospitality industry as a busboy in the dining room of Four Seasons, Seattle. He revealed that he always believed he was capable of doing much more. He gradually moved up the ladder, from clearing tables to working in the food and beverage divisions of many hotels, until he was eventually appointed Resort Manager of Four Seasons, Mauritius.