alexa MMPRC Endorsed Second Edition Of Vacations Expo In July 2017

MMPRC Endorsed Second Edition Of Vacations Expo In July 2017

Maldives' tourism promotion company, Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) has recently announced their support for the second edition of Vacations Expo to be held in July 2017. 

In the announcement pertaining to their endorsement, their Acting Chief Haris Mohamed declared that the expo would provide a wonderful platform for tourism industry players to showcase their best offers and deals, preceding Eid and Independence Day holidays.  

Haris Mohamed also highlighted the great number of locals, expatriates, trade professional and business owners affiliated with the tourism industry that will be attending the prestigious event. "Hence, any assistance and support provided to making Vacations Expo 2017 will be highly appreciated.", the announcement read.  

The annual travel trade show's objective is to gather leading travel companies, hoteliers, airlines, tour operators, travel agents, online travel companies, liveaboards, cruises, dive operators and other travel markets. The expo allows all these different exhibitors to showcase their diverse features, services and travel packages.  

With the 3-day event Vacations Expo 2017 scheduled to be held from 6th to 8th July, several VIPs have already confirmed their presence at the show. From major travel industry stakeholders, airlines, tour operators, guest houses and regional destinations; to Islamic pilgrimage agents such as 'Musafireen' and Hajj Corporation, local tour operators Kraken and Voyages Maldives, guesthouse Vinorva and Indian travel agent Holiday Kerala, will all be attending the second edition of Vacations Expo.  

Vacations Expo 2016, the first edition of the country's very first travel show was first held back in August 2016 at National Art Gallery, Male'. With a total of 3,325 visitors at last year's travel show, numbers are expected to rise at this year's annual event.  

Organized by local event management company Highrise, their aim is to make the second edition of the travel exhibition "bigger and better" with more exhibits, programs, activities and prizes. In keeping with this motivation, this year's edition of Vacations Expo will feature a 'Visit and Win' element, which offers visitors the opportunity to win extravagant travel packages and Umrah trips by simply visiting. 

Highrise is the Maldives' leading event management company, and has already held several events both locally and internationally, aside from the annual Vacations Expo exhibition. Some of the most successful events lead by Highrise include the Maldives Travel Awards, Maldives Film Awards, Maldives Living Expo and Sound of Maldives. 

MVHOTELS is an Associate Partner of Vacations Expo for the second year.