alexa Hondaafushi Island Resort makes a debut as the first resort in Haa Dhaalu

Hondaafushi Island Resort makes a debut as the first resort in Haa Dhaalu

Hondaafushi Island Resort has officially opened its doors to guests on the 18th of March 2018, making it the first tourist resort to open in the atoll of Haa Dhaalu.

Located in Nothern Haa Dhaalu, the island resort of Hondaafushi Island Resort is 500m in width and 2km in length. Accessible via a 10 minute speed launch ride followed by a flight from Velana International Airport to Hanimaadhoo Airport.

Unlike many other resorts, Hondaafushi allows maximum privacy to its guests with numerous secluded spots hidden throughout the island’s beach. The resort held its soft opening with 80 functioning villas in two categories; Superior Beach Bungalows and Deluxe Beach Bungalows.

The modernly designed Superior Beach Bungalows measures 75sqm while the spacious Deluxe Beach Bungalows measure 89sqm. Villas of both categories have semi-open bathrooms and are furnished with all the basic necessities. The furnished terrace faces the ocean and serves as the perfect spot to relax around the villa.

The main restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner on a daily basis with the resort featuring a shared lounge and bar as well. The outdoor swimming pool comes with a separate poolside bar.

Hondaafushi plans to expand the resort with 100 rooms each year, adding up to 400 villas over a time period of five years.
Hondaafushi is owned and operated by AAA Hotels and Resorts alongside Filitheyo Island Resort in Faafu atoll, Medhufushi Island Resort in Meemu and Bathala Island Resort in South Ari atoll.

Until the opening of Hondaafushi, Haa Dhaalu remained the only atoll to not have a tourist resort.