alexa Experience Flavors Of Italy In Maldives at Amilla Fushi's New Barolo Grill Italian Kitchen

Experience Flavors Of Italy In Maldives at Amilla Fushi's New Barolo Grill Italian Kitchen

Amilla Fushi's latest addition to their ingenious culinary experiences, the resort has officially opened their new Barolo Grill Italian Kitchen restaurant.  

Located at the resort's beachside foodie hub Baazaarthe culinary concept for Barolo Grill Italian Kitchen was created by Mark Hehir, the CEO and Curator of The Small Maldives Island Co. The inspiration behind the inception of Barolo Grill Kitchen was taken from Northern Italy's second largest region; Piedmont, which directly translates to 'foot of the mountain'. Staying true to it's name, Piedmont is a land of mountains, surrounded by the Alps and the tallest peaks and greatest glaciers in Italy. 

The region of Piedmont has an undeniably unique culinary culture, best known for their slow food and fine wine. More specifically, Piedmont's Barolo red wine. Utilizing his extensive experience as a chef, Mark Hehir and his team took cues from Piedmont's diverse food culture, and created an entire menu to best represent the infusion of Piedmont's regal lifestyle and heritage, brought to the laidback, sandy toes of Maldives. Mark Hehir assures that the menu will offer a great balance – or a happy middle, if you will – between the tastes of the Italian locale, with a 'fresh' Maldivian twist. 

Barolo Grill's kitchen will feature exquisite antipasti, fresh handmade pasta, selected meats, fish and seafood; cooked simply over a chargrill open flame. Their delicious selection of signature dishes and culinary experiments are all perfectly paired with the best wines in Piedmont, such as 2013 Itynera Prima Classe Montepulciano d’Abruzzo,  2010 Castello della Sala Cervaro della Sala and Antinori Santa Cristina. The menu also features a dessert number, which uses another one of Piedmont's world-famous exports, Nutella. On the dessert menu aside from the nutella cheesecake with a sweetly sour cherry sorbet, is a more tropical dessert of mango and passionfruit panna cotta, and lastly an authentic gelato or tiramisu.  

The opening of the Barolo Grill Italian Kitchen is not the only new exciting venture being pursued by the Amilla Fushi culinary creatives. Amilla Fushi recently launched their Destination Dining project, set on an island called Mystique Garden which offers a new take on private dining. Destination Dining is the first edition of a four-stage pop-up partnership, with world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay's infamous Bread Street Kitchen. The next Bread Street Kitchen pop-up is scheduled to take place at freshly-launched Barolo Grill Italian Kitchen from 16th to 27th October 2017, 19th December 2017 to 10th January 2018, and 23rd March to 7th April 2018.  

Amilla Fushi's rightful reputation for their culinary genius and dining experiences are well deserved and attained. The newest addition of Barolo Grill at the foodie central is going amongst a 'baazaar' of food and drinks from around the world. The hub of the resort island 'Baazaar' is centered around the 1200 sqm pool of Amilla Fushi, with splashes of cultural cuisine restaurants offering carefully articulated experiences. The island's Baazaar currently features Joe's Pizza, Fish & Chips, Fresh and Wok.   

Amilla Fushi at Maldives is in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Baa Atoll, tucked away on a private island of tropical bliss. Accessible by a 30-minute seaplane journey from Velana International Airport, Amilla Fushi is a luxury resort offering guests the feeling of coming to a home away from home. The exclusive resort is also reachable by a 15-minute flight to Dharavandhoo Domestic Airport, followed by a speedboat ride to the resort.