alexa Coco Collection Invites Freediving World Record Holder To Celebrate World Oceans Day

Coco Collection Invites Freediving World Record Holder To Celebrate World Oceans Day

Coco Collection has announced their invitation to the current free diving world record holder, Herbert Nitsch, for the celebration of World Oceans Day which falls on June 8th.

Herbert Nitsch is scheduled to visit Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu and Coco Palm Bodu Hithi, to conduct interactive talks and practical sessions for guests.

Herbert Nitsch, expressing his thoughts on his upcoming stay said, "The Maldives is an amazing place and I am very excited to be coming back; this time to collaborate with a renowned local brand for World Oceans Day, a cause close to my heart. I am eager to explore the vibrant life around both islands, and what I am most looking forward is to share my journey with guests and join them in the water to test their limits. Another interesting aspect of this visit will be the day spent with some local free diving enthusiasts, definitely a highlight I am going to enjoy!"

During his stay, Herbert will be sharing his story about free diving as a discipline and hobby. The talk refers to the prestigious title 'The Deepest Man on Earth', which Herbert received when he set the world record for free diving at an incredible depth of 702 feet in 2007, and 830.8 feet in 2012. Completely self-taught, his achievements demonstrate his remarkable ability to develop and reinforce his own techniques over the years.

The Australian free diver will also take guests through a multimedia talk on how to efficiently prepare your body to free dive at shallow depth, followed by a hands-on in-water session. The talk will be followed by a screening of the away winning documentary about his world record, 'Back from the Abyss'. The documentary also touches on the aftermath of decompression sickness and the unbelievable way back to free diving.

On the final day of his stay, Herbert will be joined by the resort's resident marine biologist to demonstrate a multimedia talk titled 'Free Diving With Marine Life', to discuss marine life and ocean preservation, highlighting some more advanced free diving tips. Afterwards, the guests will be taken on a deep water dive accompanied by Herbert and the marine biologist. The day will end with a screening of "The Last Frontier", a documentary broadcast in over a dozen countries about Herbert's free diving competitions and the adaptation of the body to severe depths.

Herbert has also arranged to visit the nearby local island Thulhaadhoo, during his stay at Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, to teach some first hand free diving tips for the school students. He will also be hosting a talk and dive with a group of seasoned Maldivian free divers at Coco Bodu Hithi, who will share the Maldivian side of free diving with Herbert.

This year, The Ocean Project has announced a theme of "Our Oceans, Our Future" for World Oceans Day. In their announcement, Coco Collection said, "Taking part in this global day of ocean celebration, Coco Collection takes it a step further to raise awareness by collaborating with Herbert Nitsch, joined by the portfolios resident marine biologist who will incorporate the marine conservation program the resorts are a part of."