alexa Kuda Fushi Resort - the newest addition to Maldives' finest luxury resorts

Kuda Fushi Resort - the newest addition to Maldives' finest luxury resorts

The newly developed luxury resort – Kuda Fushi Resort and Spa has been launched and welcomes guests from all over the world to visit and indulge in the extravagant little island. One would claim it a small paradise to live and feel the vibrations of nature in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


The journey begins with arriving in style on a sea plane from the airport. The 45-minute ride offers breathtaking scenes of the pearl necklace islets of Maldives. Located in Raa Atoll, the resort is also accessible by a 30-minute flight to Ifuru Domestic Airport, followed by a short speedboat journey.


The white beaches at the resort is made up of the softest sand, the crystal clear water is full of vibrant marine life (including a splendid house reef) and lush vegetation on the island have a way of keeping the Maldivian sun cool with a gentle breeze swooping in throughout the island. All this paired with the exemplary hospitality of the resort’s host would make for a classy vacation.


Kuda Fushi Resort and Spa offers a variety of activities for your trip. This may include water sports, special meals and many more to complete your Maldivian vacation. The water sports and diving center offers an array of different activities such as canoeing and jetskiing. Closely competing is the spa, where romance thrives and guests can indulge in a couple’s massage. To keep the romance blooming, the resort offers candle lit dinners under the stars, on the soft sandy beach, or even on a sandbank! Guests can request special menus for their special night, where they would be served discreetly by a dedicated chef and personal waiter.


Accommodations incorporated in the resort includes 52 Beach Villas, 20 Beach Pool Villas, 24 Water Villas, 10 Water Pool Villas and an exquisite presidential suite. The Beach Villas are located by the shore, where each room opens up to its own private beach. Water Villas are suspended on stilts just on top of the turquoise lagoon. All rooms are incredibly designed, giving out a traditional Maldivian feel. Total seclusion from the outside world and into your very own private paradise is an appealing feature of the villas.


Kuda Fushi truly strives to bring out the best in Maldives and give their guests a once in a lifetime experience!


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(photo credits: Kuda Fushi Resort & Spa)