alexa Anantara Kihavah Maldives reveals new overwater observatory and bar

Anantara Kihavah Maldives reveals new overwater observatory and bar

Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas has made a grand reveal of their new SKY overwater observatory, which combines a luxury cocktail bar, a resident story-telling 'Sky Guru', and their very own telescope.

The resort will be home to the most powerful telescope in the Indian Ocean. Located in a prime location in the Baa atoll of Maldives, the luxury five-star resort has been long renowned as an ideal destination to explore the flamboyant underwater world of the Indian Ocean. The new SKY will allow Kihavah's guests to stargaze as well as view the planets during clear night skies.

Drink in the atmosphere under a starry night sky as the night unfolds. Experience a stargazing session with the SKY Guru through Maldives’ most powerful over water observatory. Enjoy an illuminating experience that is perfect for the family or couple’s romance.

The Maldives’s location just above the equator allows the viewing of both hemisphere's stars from Anantara Kihavah.. Coupled with minimal light pollution and open skies, this is astronomy par excellence. Sky Guru Shameem (protégé of Italian astronomer Dr. Massimo Tarenghi who headed the ALMA observatory in Chile) shares his passion and expertise of the constellations in weekly stargazing experiences and private couples’ sessions. For the ultimate romantic gift, guests can even name a star after their loved one!

“Through my love for storytelling, I find that the most rewarding part of what I do is my ability to share my discoveries with guests and to inspire them into appreciating the heavens as much as I do."  - SKY Guru, Shameem

The Sky Bar
The new panorama lounge perched over the lagoon maximizes ocean views from every angle, making it the perfect location to capture incredible Indian Ocean sunsets. The centerpiece is a circular bar wit the resident mixologist creating decadous drinks such as the Kihavah Island Tea which is made of Indian Indian Ocean white rum, and areyk with lychee, peach, lemon and a dash of earl grey tea
Sink in to the oversized daybeds that wrap around the terrace, enjoy tapas and fragrant shishas while the resident DJ Krishna creates tunes that play with the strings of the guest's hearts. 

The Observatory
The custom-built ash-dome observatory sits on the roof deck of the Sky Bar surrounded only by the open skies and the ocean waves below. The first and only overwater observatory combined with a cocktail bar in the Maldives houses a research-grade 16” Meade LX200 telescope mounted on a super-giant field tripod. Remote controlled with 360˚ movement, the powerful telescope opens up a whole new world of awe-inspiring wonder.