alexa Mega Maldives Airlines to Fly Students on School Trip

Mega Maldives Airlines to Fly Students on School Trip

MEGA Maldives Airlines and Aminiya School have signed an agreement to fly 30 students on their annual school trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this coming March school holidays. At a ceremony held in MEGA Maldives Airlines Head Office today, the agreement was signed on behalf of Aminiya School by its Principal, Ms. Naazleen Wafir while Ms. Mizna Ahmed, Vice President and Director signed on behalf of MEGA Maldives Airlines.

Speaking at the signing ceremony today, Ms. Mizna Ahmed stated that MEGA Maldives Airlines would always be open to participate in major events such as this, and an important component of its Corporate Social Responsibility appeal would be to ensure that the company contributes to similar educational and social programmes in the Maldives.

The students from Aminiya School’s Trade and Tourism class will travel to Kuala Lumpur during the school holidays as a part of their study programme. MEGA Maldives Airlines was pleased to provide extremely competitive and affordable rates in the form of a sponsorship for this trip. In addition to the students, a number of teachers and parents will accompany the student group.

MEGA Maldives Airlines will also provide additional educational material to the students, by providing a detailed overview of the company, its business model and its correlation within the tourism market in general which would further compliment the students study programme.

The students from Aminiya School will leave for Kuala Lumpur on 17th March and return to the Maldives on 23rd March.