alexa My Platinum Plus holiday at Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives

My Platinum Plus holiday at Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives

Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives islands are best known for their natural beauty. But take away the natural beauty, and what you are left is even better. Top notch accommodation, award-winning chefs preparing your meals for you, best spa treatments in the world, and an abundance of privacy. Here we take a brief look at Atmosphere Kanifushi, Maldives, the first resort of Atmosphere Resorts & Hotels. 

With Atmosphere Kanifushi's Premium All-Inclusive Holiday Plan; The Platinum Plus, guests have the choice to enjoy spectacular buffets to a selection of premium brands of spirits, a diving collection of wines, unlimited delicious cocktails along with different activities and excursions. The platinum package gives guests the opportunity to pay for all these beforehand, and save them the hassle of paying for every activity separately and avoid that dreaded moment at the end of any trip when you go pay at the check-out counter.  Below is a brief account of my short stay at the beautiful resort. 

From an aerial point of view, the island is one stretch of white sand. The lux vegetation covering up most of the accommodation villas and suites on the island provide irreplaceable privacy and personal space for guests in each villa. As the Sea Plane descends on to the turquoise blue lagoon, you notice that describing the lagoon as just 'turquoise' does not do it justice at all. The waters are glassy, smooth, and crystal clear. On beautiful days, the visibility is so clear that you are in awe of the magnificent corals and small anemones swimming gleefully. 

It is the last few yours of the evening and sun looks just about ready to start setting as my Sea Plane lands. My part of the world has already started to turn a glamorous hue of gold. 
The resorts offers 132 detached villas and suites from Sunset Pool Villas, Sunset Family Villas, Sunset Beach Villas, Sunset Junior Suits and i was lucky enough to be staying at the Sunset Beach Villa. As my butler gave me a quick tour of my Villa, I looked around the space. The Villas was everything i had dreamed it would be. Before I arrived at the resort, i had gone online to check out the photos of the resort, and what greeted me in real life had nothing on the photos i saw online. The glass fitted doors slid open to reveal my very own private garden with the beach just a few feet ahead. The breathtaking colors of the sunset accompanied by the salty breeze were enough to send me into a trance. I closed my eyes and took in a big gulp of air and smiled to myself. I could already tell that this was going to be a special holiday. 

Inside my Villa, the bed was fitted in the middle, with the TV in one corner. From the wooden floors to the charming little lamps and minimalistic decoration in the rooms, i could tell taht each piece of furniture in the villa was chosen carefully to match the other. 

The bathroom opened up to a massive space where, in the centre stood a bathtub. Equipped with the amenities of a luxury Villa, the bathroom also featured a delightful out-door shower area surrounded by beautiful vegetation. 

The resort had already gotten a lot of buzz for their Food & Beverage ( Teppanyaki Grill, The liquid, The Spice, The Sunset, and Just Veg ). Just Veg in particular was extra special, i was keen to try it out myself. to say that i enjoyed myself immensely would be an understatement. Everything was perfection. The food made to perfection, the setting, the interior of the place, to the friendly smiling faces that served me the food - i had no complaints. 

Just Veg is the first of its kind in the Maldives, serving gourmet vegetarian cuisines. The restaurant was selected among the Top 10 Restaurants in the Maldives by leading UK based Luxury Tour Operator and also ranked number 1 out of a few hundred other restaurants in the Maldives on Trip Advisor. You can imagine my excitement having gotten the opportunity to dine there. My night was made then and there. 

I got my turn to experience a few of the water sports offered by the island. When i say that the resort offers something for everybody, i mean it. It has jogging trails for enthusiastic runners, tennis, and yoga by the short for aspiring yogis. Aside from these, the resort offers a wide range of water sports and excursions for the more adventurous guests. Snorkeling with the big fish, exploring the glorious under waters are also available for guests who the adrenaline junkies. 

My afternoon was spent at the Akiri Spa. The Akiri Spa by Mandara is built on spacious grounds and consists of a special relaxation lounge and a spa complex of 6 double treatment rooms. The treatment rooms built amongst the lux vegetation gives guests a sense of seclusion and serenity. The view of the east coast of the island adds to the mix perfecting the over all aura of the Spa. 

As i walked back to my room, I let the balmy air wrap itself around me. The stars had come out and the day had turned dark. The tall palm trees and lux vegetation provided homes for the tropical birds. I could hear their faints callings as i entered my Villa, my home for the night. 

Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives had won me over, and i hadn't yet spend two days here. I couldn't wait to start day two here.  Thank you Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives