alexa MEGA Maldives Airlines takes initiative to form a Board of Airline Representatives

MEGA Maldives Airlines takes initiative to form a Board of Airline Representatives

An introductory meeting was held on Monday at the MEGA Maldives Airlines Head Office for the representatives of airlines currently operating in the Maldives. The purpose of the meeting was to deliberate the formal establishment of a Board of Airline Representatives.

In the global aviation world, a Board of Airline Representatives is an international standard that brings together airlines operating in the country. Currently, Maldives does not have a collective body of airline representatives, and this preliminary meeting was devised to bring all representative of the presently operating airlines together to attain a way forward in developing and formally establishing such a body.

Based on the guidelines from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority (MCAA), the Board of Airline Representatives would work toward developing the interests of its member airlines, to provide an effective platform for cooperation between the airlines and the Government, the regulator and other entities, to educate key decision makers on aviation related matters, to create greater public awareness and to conduct research and analysis into decisions affecting the aviation sector.

Representatives of over 15 airlines attended the meeting. These airlines together represent over 90% of the passengers who fly into the country. Including the four airlines registered in the Maldives; Maldivian, Trans Maldivian Airways, MEGA Maldives Airlines, and FlyMe.

The attending airlines acknowledged that such a body was essential in order to strengthen and sustain the aviation sector in the Maldives. All representatives agreed to work together in moving forward. A steering committee comprising of 9 airlines was set up to manage the establishment of the Board within the first half of 2017.