alexa Honeymoon Or Family – Maldives is a Destination for Everyone

Honeymoon Or Family – Maldives is a Destination for Everyone

For a long time, Maldives was perceived by the world as an ultimate honeymoon destination. It is understandable that the tranquil qualities possessed by the equation of white sandy beaches and endless hues of the azure waters would give one such an impression. However, the times are changing now, and tourists of all ages have discovered the opportune joys of these islands.

There are a growing number of tourists who travel with their children to Maldives. The facilities made available by resorts and hotels to host children have drastically improved over the recent years. It used to be so that there was nothing children could enjoy in the middle of nowhere on an island, but here are a few reasons to suggest otherwise.

The Joy in Sand and Sun- What is the well-known stereotype about kids and the beach? Building sand castles, right? The soft white sandy beaches of Maldives provide lots of opportunities for children to explore their creative imagination and enjoy some quality time out in the sun.
Be it sun bathing or making a sand castle, the beaches of Maldives provide plenty of space for all members of the family to enjoy different activities of their choice. A lot of resorts are incorporating such activities into their packages. This way,young guests get to learn the cultures of the country they are visiting and have the best time running around bare feet.

Surrounded by the Sea – When in Maldives, it would be hard to avoid the tranquil waters. This is the ultimate playground that the beautiful islands offer. There are a lot of family-friendly water activities such as banana boat rides, kayaking and a spin on the jetskii that you can enjoy. All these activities are safe and done in supervised environments.
However, these activities can’t beat the top on the list – snorkeling. A family snorkeling adventure in the clear waters filled with vibrant corals and countless fish can be described a merfolk experience. Every member of the family, no matter the age would enjoy taking a look beneath the waves and feeling like a mermaid.

Custom-Designed Activities for Kids – A lot of resorts in the Maldives offer activities that would thrill the children and make their experience just as exciting as it would be for the whole family. Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort includes a supervised Kids Club where they teach the little ones about local culture and environment. This gives the younger guests a chance to get along each other and make new friends. Some resorts offer activities such as hunts around the island as well.
The availability of these services allows the parents to indulge in the more adult-oriented activities such as romantic dinners and spa treatments. Some resorts offer kid-friendly spa treatments as well.
A rising trend includes a set of activities where the entire family can participate together. Some of these activities are meant for family bonding experiences. Instead of just a day-care center where the children have babysitters, these resorts aim to give a chance to the family members to connect and share their memories. Resorts such as Soneva Fushi in Baa atoll offer activities under the title “Time with Mum & Dad”

Island Adventures - Excursions of a large spectrum are now available in the Maldives. There are a lot of these that could be enjoyed away from the resorts as well. Activities such as cruises to deserted islands or dolphin watching tours offer memories to be cherished by the entire family. Depending on the time of the year that you plan your trip to the Maldives, there is even a chance you might get to see whales.

Gathered around the Table – Probability is that there would be at least two or more times that the whole family would gather around the table to eat each day of the vacation. There’s nothing like sharing in sitting, a satisfying meal that makes the family bonds stronger. Many restaurants in Maldives put efforts into offering a fine dining experience to their guests. Interesting themed dining experiences, special menus for kids and dishes with a personal touch are all included in their list.

Still thinking of dropping your kids at your sister’s place? We would vouch you to bring them to Maldives and present them with an experience they’ll cherish for life.