alexa Children’s Day Celebrations at Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives.

Children’s Day Celebrations at Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives.

On November 21st, Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives Hosted a Children’s Day mixed cartoon themed event in the hotel’s ballroom.

In the spirit of keeping up with Hotel Jen’s focus on supporting causes related to children, the hotel invited children from the Beautiful Eyes Down Syndrome Association of Maldives to join the festivities. Their parents and teachers came along with the caretakers of Children’s Home (Kudakudhinge Hiyaa) to celebrate Children’s Day.

Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives has been consistently holding this joyful event to mark the International Children’s Day for the past four years. This year, the event was such a success with the help of the staff and parents of Beautiful Eyes Down Syndrome Association of Maldives and Children’s Home.

In order of celebrations, the hotel arranged games, prizes and refreshments for the children and their parents. Everyone participated in various activities and recreational facilities suited for one to fifteen year-olds. The ballroom at Hotel Jen was transformed into a vibrant hall of fun featuring children’s games, painting and colouring stations, cartoon themed handicrafts and musical chairs.


The event ended with the cake cutting ceremony, which was done by the children themselves. The hotel’s pastry chef and team created a special Minion themed cake and gave chance to as many children to participate in cutting the cake.

Mr. Rahim Flynn, the hotel’s general manager stated that “We are always striving for innovation and providing distinctive experiences for guests of different ages at Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives. Every kid is an angel and we hope they can have a great time here at Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives on Children’s Day”.

Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives, striving to lead in corporate citizenship constantly finds ways to offer support to the underprivileged communities and worthwhile causes. The staff of Hotel Jen enjoys this humbling experience and perceives it a privilege to be a part of. The smiles that light up on these children’s faces at the annual Children’s Day Party is enough to fill their hearts and continue being a part of this gratifying deed. Children’s Day is one such occasion where the young ones can cherish a memorable day of fantasy.