alexa Should travel marketing take a bigger leap into Social Media?

Should travel marketing take a bigger leap into Social Media?

In the fast moving digital age, businesses and marketing executives face various hurdles; traditional methods of advertising are slowly losing their demographics and everyone is taking a leap into digital advertising and social media. Gone are the days where people stopped their everyday lives just to check up on an advertisement on a newspaper – but don’t get me wrong, print advertisements are still effective but not that trendy. Like a shoe that had lost its shine, traditional methods are losing the end game – and this leaves a huge impact on travel businesses as well.

One may think that social media or digital marketing is not that effective – but ask yourself this question. Which method allows you to track the engagement and reach of your advertisements in real time? A pro that only digital marketing can offer, because you really can’t track your audience in any other method; which eventually comes to the bigger question, should travel marketing take a bigger leap into social media?

There is no doubt that today, social media giants such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram hold the key to a successful ad campaign. From reaching thousands to millions in any corner of the world, these platforms offer various advantages to the advertiser – it opens them up to a whole new market in a completely hassle free method – and it only gets better.

Interactive Twitter handles have now begun to replace age old call centers, Facebook ad campaigns reach out to millions in a matter of days and Instagram users push out sponsored posts to their millions of followers with just the tap of a button. And among all the product placements and sponsored advertisements, travel businesses would find it easier to market their products and promotions – because people are naturally drawn to check out the beautiful photos and creative words weaved into perfection.

While a lot of travel businesses are already practicing these methods, new ones are yet to join the game – and the existing ones should set an example by going even further in marketing through digital media. As they used to say, the future is now and the future of advertising is digital – and so it’s perhaps time to make full use of it.

All in all, we are experiencing a new age where businesses are approaching modern day technology with an open mind – as they try to make a difference for you and for me. With benefits to their businesses as an added advantage, such efforts in creating something different has led to a more connected audience, some of whom have now developed a trusted relationship with certain brands.