alexa 05 Must Have Tech Accessories For The Traveler In You!

05 Must Have Tech Accessories For The Traveler In You!

In the digital age where we all have become relatively tech-savvy, it’s essential to stay on top of everything – from being updated constantly to keeping our gadgets in usable condition, we need various tech accessories to keep the fire burning. And as a traveler, it’s always a constant struggle to juggle it all – from keeping your phone batteries on the higher side to clicking the perfect selfie or keeping track of your luggage, sometimes it becomes a little bit too much to do handle on your own. The tech industry has been pushing out innovative ideas and products year by year, targeted at different demographics and the ones that are specialized for us - travelers - are no less. We have seen the rise of portable chargers and routers, to the game changing luggage trackers and digital luggage scales that are handheld! The life of a traveler has been made easy by tech accesories, so here are five must have tech accessories for the traveler in you!

1. A multi-purpose travel router

It always comes in handy. Whether your hotel has wired connection or you just want to create your own secure connection, a multi-purpose travel router is always the much needed tech accessory you need on all of your trips. Some of them comes in with USB ports that allow you to charge other devices – as well as streaming music or movies with the connection of an external hard disk! Sounds like the perfect portable collection of in-flight entertainment!

2. A portable charger

Because the struggle is always real. You never know when the battery of your phone would drain out entirely in between all those selfies and beautiful Snapchats and leave you longing to capture those beautiful memories to treasure for years to come. Luckily there are kinds of portable chargers with varying power to keep you fully covered – whether your trip is short long!

3. A luggage tracker

If you are like me, then you are among the many who constantly worry about losing their luggage. And if you happen to be one of those who has had prior experience of losing your luggage, then you absolutely know what the nuisance it can cause. And unluckily, there are several palm sized luggage tracking devices out there which promise to solve our issues for good.

These tracking devices which come with a GSM chip inserted in them are a great accessory for travelers, as it will let you track your luggage while traveling. And if your luggage arrives at another destination that you, it is way easier to get it back through an airline rep as you know exactly where it is – after all tracking is just a click away!

4. Handheld digital luggage scale

There is nothing we all hate more than overweight baggage. Worse, finding out about it during your check-in. To avoid that, we have been blessed with handheld digital luggage scales that lets you attach it to the straps of your luggage, and simply weigh them by lifting them up. This way, you get to find out which one of your bags are overweight – and that gives you time to shift around some stuff from bag to bag! Adios to the times where you had to stress over possibly overweight baggage!

5. Noise cancelling headphones

We all know the pain of having to spend extended hours on a bus, train or plane. The cries of that little baby next to you or the chatter of the couple in front of you; all the things that keep you from peace of mind during traveling. But hey, all of that could be avoided by using some great noise cancelling headphones – and you finally get to sit back, relax and just enjoy the rest of your trip!