alexa Vacations Expo 2nd edition planned for 2017

Vacations Expo 2nd edition planned for 2017

The very first event of its kind hosted to promote, lead and advance the travel and tourism industry and act as a perfect business platform has announced that the second edition of the successful travel exhibition, ‘Vacations Expo’ to take place from 6th – 8th July 2017.

The event was previously endorsed by major travel NGO’s including MMPRC, MATATO, LAM and MNCCI, has been described as a resounding success and achieving its primal target. The expo will be organised by Highrise who will be conducting it annually.

The trade show which brings together leading travel companies, hoteliers, airlines, tour operators, travel agents, online travel companies, cruises, dive operators and other travel marketers under the same roof. Vacations Expo also gives the exhibitors the opportunity to display and promote numerous attractive travel packages and services.

In the previous edition, the event consisted of a Guest House Zone, Adventure Zone and major Airlines/Operators and Travel agents and activity service providers offering the best of everything for a holiday planner.

“We have delivered the first travel show of Maldives as a breakthrough delivering “Vacations Expo”. Our exhibitors, visitors and partners are very happy with the outcome. We have got the support from Economic Ministry and Tourism to make Vacations Expo better. Hence, with the support of the government, we will make it bigger than the last one, already we have confirmations from major travel industry stake holders, airlines, tour operators, guest houses and regional destinations”. Mr. Ismail Shifraz, Managing Director of Highrise.

Highrise has in the past, successfully delivered events such as Maldives Travel Awards, Maldives Film Awards, Maldives Living Expo and Sounds of Maldives. The event management firm has been a leading figure in the industry locally and has conducted events in cities abroad as well.