alexa Hotel Jen Male’ Maldives Championed A Clean Up Campaign

Hotel Jen Male’ Maldives Championed A Clean Up Campaign

Hotel Jen Malé Maldives championed a cleanup campaign in conjunction with World Environment Day 2016 to focus our colleague and public attention on global community concerns for the environment and how each individual can make a positive contribution to a cleaner and healthier world. This is an annually initiated campaign celebrated worldwide aimed at raising awareness of the need to take action at a local level to address global environmental issues and to promote the ways that can be adopted to improve the environment. 

This year, Hotel Jen Male’ Maldives organised a mass cleanup of the Hotel surroundings and Jetty area to commemorate World Environment Day by advocating to all colleagues to get involved in making the world a better place to live in by reducing littering, to help people realise that even small things like cleaning your own place could really help the environment. 

A huge number of staffs from Hotel Jen Male’ Maldives took part in this clean up activity where they were provided with big polythene bags, gloves and brooms and other items used to clean the drainage and streets adjacent to hotel. As when it rains, trash and debris discarded on the city streets and sidewalks washes down the drains and block the drainage resulting in muddy water and all the debris to float on the streets of the Male’ city. 

The cleanup program started around 4.00 pm last Sunday, colleagues were subdivided into several groups where each group was assigned by management to clean a particular area. The fun filled cleanup program lasted for almost two hours where they collected 15 big polythene bags of trash and debris from the designated locations. By beautifying our surroundings the participants are learning the value of hard work, giving back to their communities, and sprucing up the city for all to enjoy. 

“The clean street program is about taking pride in our community, cleaning is a responsibility for everyone , when everyone does their part, we can all look forward to a cleaner and more beautiful Male’ City for many years to come” said Ms.Goh Kon Len, Assistant Director of Human Resources . 

More than 10 million people visit Maldives and Male’ city a year and to keep the city clean is the duty of everyone. Our city and beaches are very precious, we must all remember that garbage in our streets can end up blocking the drainage and resulting in flooding on the roads, let’s work together to prevent that, this kind of cleaning campaigns are important step towards a cleaner and greener city. 

The initiative not only helps our staffs to take pride in their community by taking a moment to make sure trash is disposed properly, but also helps keep busy with productive hands on cleaning activity. Keeping our communities trash-free is not only a quality of life issue, it is an environmental and public health imperative that affects all the living things that call our borough home. Maldivian beaches are second-to-none; 

let’s keep them that way! 

Shangri-La and its properties are well knowns for the part in corporate social responsibility and raising awareness and contributing and conducting initiative awareness programs every year with interesting happenings for the society guests and staffs. 


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