alexa Anantara Kihavah Villas First Diver As Best Luxury Diving Resort Worldwide 2015

Anantara Kihavah Villas First Diver As Best Luxury Diving Resort Worldwide 2015

As the first beginner diver to visit Anantara Kihavah Villas after receiving the award for Best Luxury Diving Resort 2015, Mr. Michael Lei Zhang received a complimentary Discovery Dive. Here’s what Michael had to say afterwards:

“Diving at Kihavah is truly an impressive and unforgettable experience! After a few rounds of practices of underwater communication skills and emergency actions in the water near the beach, I started my very first Indian Ocean diving experience. Bright sunshine and mirror-like peaceful water meant that visibility underwater was excellent and I could see through tens of meters clearly. The cliff of the Kihavah coral reef are breath-taking with amazingly colorful variety of beautiful marine lives, and those bright colors of the great nature were so impressive. 

My instructor, Joseph, was truly a marine master who guided me to see so many different marine lives that I have never seen, recording my discovery journey via photos and videos, encouraging me to proactively discover the new marine world while on top of all also watching me and safeguarding me. Returning to the island, there was a certificate granting ceremony where I have then discovered that I was the very first guest diver after Kihavah was awarded the 2015 Best Luxury Diving Resort of the world! I was so excited and happy, and have really enjoyed the privilege and honor. Surprise and happiness with Kihavah was truly endless like the brand name ‘Anantara’ expresses. A few hours after the diving experience, I have received via e-mail all of the underwater photos and videos.

I have previously seen so many ocean views around the globe and I have even lost count of my holiday visits to the Maldives. But this 13 meters discovery journey under the Indian Ocean water at Kihavah was truly an memorable self-challenging experience that has given me totally different touch in my heart, and have also made my Maldivian holiday this time very different and truly unique. Embarked from here, not only my holiday, but also a brand new myself. Thank you Kihavah!”