alexa Get a Total Body Renewal with Eve Persak and Amy Buck at COMO Maalifushi

Get a Total Body Renewal with Eve Persak and Amy Buck at COMO Maalifushi


From 6th to 12th September 2018 COMO Shambhala will be running a six-night Total Body Renewal retreat in  COMO Maalifushi. COMO Shambhalas resident fitness expert, Amy Buck and registered Nutritionist Eve Persak, will share curated ‘results driven strategies’ that lay the foundation for a lean, strong and youthful physique. 

Most importantly, according to the resort, their guidance will help you integrate these techniques into your current lifestyle long after you leave COMO Shambhala. 

The workouts are intended to provide a comprehensive set of exercises that will improve your body composition, strength, endurance, balance agility and range of motion. The exercise selection will include aqua fitness, core strength training, pilates, circuit training, cardio, stretching and each exercise will make the most of COMO Maalifushi ‘natural gym’, like the ocean, beach, jogging trails and cycle routes. Amy -  a certified pilates, TRX, Anti-Gravity and personal fitness instructor, will adapt these exercises to suit everybody and their individual abilities, from a novice to an elite; emphasizing biomechanical alignment and technique so participants get the best results. 

Alongside the physical activity will be a range of talks and group sessions on good nutrition led by expert Nutritionist Eve Persak. According to the COMO Shambhala website,  Eve is one of only 3500 medical professionals globally to hold Certified Nutrition Support (CNSC) credentials with the American Society of Nutrition Support Clinicians, she has also been featured in renowned international publications such as Conde Nast Traveler, Forbes Travel & Leisure, Vogue and more. Eve’s approach is holistic and combines the latest advancements in science and medicine, with the understanding that each individuals nutritional needs are different. She will provide personalized therapeutic dietary recommendation and guide guests with meal planning, preparation and supplementation.

Sessions will focus on anti-inflammatory foods that counteract the effects of stress and chronic degeneration, ways of controlling blood sugar and metabolic function, antioxidant-rich foods and many more. 

All of this will be carefully curated through a menu designed specifically for the six-day course. The menu will complement the nutritional priorities of the retreat which is weight control, improving lean body-ass and longevity.

The workshop is priced from USD $6,898 for single occupancy and USD $10,613 for doubles.

“COMO Maalifushi is the only resort to open in the Maldives' Thaa Atoll, nestled in the archipelago's southern reaches. With overwater villas and beach suites” for more information about COMO Maalifushi please visit

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