alexa Alexander James Hamilton is on a mission to reduce plastic waste in The Maldives

Alexander James Hamilton is on a mission to reduce plastic waste in The Maldives

 Twenty illuminated PhotoGrams by artist Alexander James Hamilton, in collaboration with Soneva Fushi (Soneva Resorts), have been donated to fully fund the building of a community-led plastic recycling facility in the Noonu Atoll, which will be installed in mid-2018. 

The facility will recycle PET clear plastics and HDPE plastic used on local islands in the Maldives into useful materials such as building bricks for housing and other various items. The facility has the capacity to convert 200kg of plastic per day into useful objects. 

“An exciting release of twenty illuminated PhotoGrams that have been donated to fully fund the infrastructure of a community-led plastic recycling facility in the Maldives. These works are made from the plastic waste that is currently plaguing remote island nations around the world” said by Alexander James Hamilton


Each of the twenty PhotoGrams donated by Alexander James Hamilton are unique studio proofs from the series ‘Textures & Texts from the Shoreline’. In the illuminated frame, they measure 40.5 x 34.5 x 5 cm, and can be shipped globally.


A photogram is a photographic image that is very similar to an x-ray – a shadowlike photograph made without a camera: objects are placed directly on the surface on a light sensitive material, such as photographic paper, film or polaroid and then exposing it to the light. 


“In the short-term the aim is to successfully complete the first facility in the Maldives region in July 2018. Long-term success would then be rolling the facility concept out globally to all island nations suffering from a plague of plastic, in order to address the problem locally where it is needed most. For those installations to become locally engaged, an artist residency program will be established, using the location’s facilities to create works exploring the subject” as pledged on Alexander James Hamilton’s website,

If you wish to bid on an artwork, please write to, with the title of the artwork, your maximum bid along with the name and address. They are available on silent auction starting now at  £2,000. All bids will be transferred and executed on Friday 25th May 2018.  


Alexander James Hamilton is a British artist that has explored the mechanics of water as a primary medium for three decades through studio and location based practice, his works are underwater documentation done on analogue camera’s without the use of post production. In October 2017, Alexander James Hamilton relocated to the Maldives to continue working on a project he started 30 years ago. 

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