alexa 10 Must-Try activities for your visit to Maldives

10 Must-Try activities for your visit to Maldives

 Maldives is famous for its white sandy beaches and clear turquoise lagoons. Though a small country made of islets, it has much to offer to its visitors. With the natural exquisite surrounding Maldives has to offer, absorbing it is an activity in itself. The scenic views contribute to enhance all the following experiences for your visit.

1. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

The underwater world in the Maldives will surely take your breath away. The entire country is made up of a string of islands, each with its very own flourishing coral reef. The marine ecosystem that surrounds these reefs is worth looking at.

For a professional diver, any island of Maldives would be bliss as the waters are blossoming with aquatic wildlife. If you are unfamiliar with diving, snorkeling is the alternative. Snorkeling allows you to float on the surface and experience the vibrant colors of the below without any heavy diving equipment.

It is one of the most commonly preferred choices. Some resorts offer introductory diving courses or even gaining your diving license.

(Photo on left: Centara Grand Maldives. on right: Adaaran Select Meedhupparu)

2. Surfing

Maldives is home to some of the best surf spots in the Indian Ocean. As a result of the many coral reefs, surf breaks occur around the islands. Add the tropical weather to that and you have the perfect waves for surfing, rolling in every few minutes. Most of the popular spots in the country are good for surfing throughout April to October. 

An average swell reaches shoulder to head height, perfect for an intermediate to advanced surfer. The highest waves occur through July till August and reach up to 7 feet. Though the waves in Maldives are not powerful, they are still long and have a high chance of forming barrels. Resorts in Central and South Atolls have access to the best surf spots. Looking for a surf spot, as there are many nameless ones, has a sense of exploration that makes surfing in the Maldives unique. The experience is transcendent!

(Photo on left:  Amari Havodda Maldives. on right: Anantara Veli Resort and Spa Maldives) 

3. Water Sports

Maldives offers a variety of water sports. Different water-related activities are available throughout the archipelago whether you plan to stay at a luxury resort or a guesthouse in the local islands. If you seek activities from the resort or guesthouse, it is likely that the facility would have a team of instructors. The necessary guidance and assistance helps create an exciting experience.
The array of water sports may include Jet Ski rides, canoeing, catamaran sailing, water skiing, parasailing, wind surfing and banana boat riding. Many of the water sports as such include lessons.

(Photo on left: Gili Lankanfushi. on right: Adaaran Club Rannalhi)

4. Fishing Trips

There is nothing more rewarding than the first catch, and when many more follow, fishing becomes a “hooking” hobby. The waters of Maldives are swarming with fish. The fact of fishing being the country’s second main industry is proof of that. Fishing trips are often organized by resorts in a boat or ‘dhoni’ as the locals practice the activity. 

These activities can be categorized into three: casual day fishing, big game fishing, and night fishing. Big Game Fishing is a favorite amongst the enthusiasts. The casual day fishing with local fishermen is most popular. This can be done even in transit from one island to the other. Some resorts offer to cook the day’s catch and you can enjoy the freshest fish for dinner. The best part is, you caught it!

(Photo on left: Adaaran Select Meedhupparu. on right: The Sun Siyam Irufushi Maldives)

5. Cruising on a Boat

If seasickness is not an issue, taking a cruise and absorbing the surrounding of Maldives is a rewarding activity. Scenic views in every direction you wander upon, being out in the open waters is a gratifying experience.
What’s more satisfying is spotting some of the remarkable marine life in the Maldivian seas. Many times, guests have witnessed Manta Rays, Sea Turtles, Sharks and the most admirable of them all, Dolphins. Dolphin cruises is a very popular service offered by resorts.

(Photo on left: Baros Maldives. on right: Bandos Island Resort)

6. Deserted Island Experience

Spending the night on a deserted island is the literal meaning of total seclusion. Imagine an authentic Robinson Crusoe experience without the danger of cannibals, of course! Many properties are located close to a sandbank or uninhabited islands. They organize day trips or even over-night trips on request.
On a deserted island, you can stargaze without any light pollution, learn the basic survival skills, and enjoy the private ambiance no other location would offer.

(Photo on left: Finolhu. on right: Baros Maldives)

7. Island Hopping

Maldives is home to 1192 islands, out of which about 200 are inhabited. Island hopping is popular among culture fanatics. Maldives has a rich cultural background and the best place to witness and experience it is at locally inhabited islands. Whichever resort you may choose to visit, there are always local islands close by; more than a few, to be precise. Considering this, guests like to visit a few islands on their island hopping excursions. 

(Photos by Baros Maldives)

8. Relaxing at the Spa

In affiliation with the soothing surroundings and the activities of relaxation that come with it, spa facilities have been trending in all corners of Maldives. In the past decade, Maldivian hospitality has adopted spa services and now there is nothing else like it. Most resorts offer excellent services to guests who enjoy spending time on relaxing. Be it a package deal for a romantic couple’s massage or a whole spa day.

(Photo on left: OBLU by Atmosphere at Helengeli. on right: Equator Village Maldives)

9. Indulging in Romance

Anything romantic on the beach is one of Maldives’ specialties. When Maldives started out as a travel destination, it was mostly honeymooners who found it well suited. For good reason too, the natural surrounding provides the uncultivated aura of love. The setting is as if it was tailored for romance.
Many resorts in the Maldives grant special offers for honeymoons or romantic getaways. These special services may include dinners on the beach under the stars or meals at sunset, couple massages, and exclusive honeymoon suites.

(Photo on left: Royal Island Resort and Spa. on right: Bandos Island Resort)

10. Culinary Experience

The culinary world flourishes in the Maldives and the cuisines grow vaster and diverse. Restaurants that specialize in certain cuisines are sprouting up all over the country. Cuisines such as French, Italian, Japanese, Indian, Western, Thai and many more varieties are being introduced.

Along with the diverse range of food, Maldives is famous for the freshest seafood you will ever taste. Seafood grills and barbeques on the beach are a guest-favorite. For guests who want to broaden their palette and indulge in local culture, many resorts host Maldivian cuisine themed menus.

Furthermore, unique food outlets that enhance your dining experience are surely a must-try. Dining underwater and out on sun decks or the beach make for a rare ordeal. Feasting on extensive tastes while the fishes swim around you, or the colorful tropical sunsets serenade you as the sound of waves kissing the shore makes for adequate background music.

 (Photo on left: Soneva Fushi Island Resort and Spa. on right: The Sun Siyam Irufushi Maldives)

As the sun shines bright and the waves brush the shores, Maldives awaits to give you the best experience. All the activities to add up to a fun, relaxing, delicious and memorable vacation! These are just some of the many activities the properties in the Maldives have to offer. A short vacation just would not suffice! So plan your Maldivian holiday today.

 (icon photo credits to Conrad Maldives Rangali Island)